The future
of sustainable
mobility begins here. 


Take on a challenge related to sustainable mobility. We are here to support you!

Trajet-m supports entrepreneurs who wish to solve problems related to sustainable mobility. Trajet-m is a program that is open to anybody. It is propelled by Polytechnique Montréal.

  • A one-year incubation program
  • Support and guidance from the idea phase through to the pre-commercialization phase
  • Challenges submitted by key players in the mobility sector
  • Flexible program and customized support
  • Privileged access to academics and potential clients
  • Personalized professional networking
  • A multitude of partner organizations ready to help you
  • Trajet-m will support you for a year to create your startup
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Who is
Trajet-m for?

Trajet-m is for you if:

  • You wish to create an enterprise in the area of sustainable mobility, but you lack an idea.
  • You already have an idea of an enterprise in mind but you are not sure where to begin.
  • You have a startup that has been existing for at least 18 months, but you still have not commercialized your product or service and you need customized support to take the plunge.

You are a student, a professional or an emerging entrepreneur? You are welcome in Trajet-m’s program!

Your idea of a solution must respect these 2 criteria:

  • Have a positive impact on sustainable development
  • Create an innovative additional service

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