Thibault Renouf and Félix-Étienne Trépanier

Arrivage is a standalone B2B marketing solution to help farmers and artisans bring their products to restaurants and grocery stores. By shortening distribution routes for these professionals, the company is opening up a local offering to consumers that is more diversified than ever, directly from the producers themselves.

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Basile Thisse, Tangui Conrad, Alexis Galand and Mathieu Gauthier

The Boomerang cooperative wants to solve the problem of managing spent grains (brewing residues) from the city’s microbreweries by setting up a specialized urban collection service. These grains will then be transformed into nutritious flour for agri-food businesses.

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Samy Benhamza and Hanssan Permalloo

CAPsolar is developing a solar module designed exclusively for electric vehicles to extend their autonomy and battery life. This add-on, all-in-one system can be installed and removed at the customer’s discretion.

Capsolar’s website


Daniel Pilon

Convergence offers an easy-to-integrate stabilization system using an innovative combination of different technologies that gives two-wheeled vehicles some of the qualities of cars: safety, ease of use and four-season operation.


Bassem and John Ghaly

XPedals wants to fight bicycle theft with a new and innovative system that makes the bike unusable, unsellable and non-dismantleable by the thief.

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Benjamin Marie

É.Lecovélo wants to make it possible for as many people as possible to transport individuals and loads on urban trips by offering a rental service for shared electric-cargo bikes that will be available at hosts or pick-up points in different parts of the city via a digital platform.


Yann Daigneault

KiloWattPack wants to overcome the lack of availability of street charging stations by offering mobile stations combining second-life electric car parts, solar panels and portable high-capacity batteries linked to a mobile management application called MOBILICHARGE.

KiloWattPack’s website


Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire

OnRoule is a mobile application that facilitates travel and access to places for people with reduced mobility, in addition to providing qualified and up-to-date accessibility data to mobility companies, cities, and research chairs.

OnRoule’s website


Nicolae Oala

Tesgo wants to optimize the movement of delivery trucks through a collaborative digital optimization platform in the freight transport industry based on the sharing economy.

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Stéfan Marica and Catalin Bursuc

The ZappTrans application puts transport companies in contact with potential freight shippers to better control efficiency, costs associated with transport operations and fuel consumption.

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